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Starting Something Totally New For Me...

Okay it's been awhile... but I'm back...I hope.... anyway I need a new change or something different to give me a jumpstart or new focus that I haven't tried before... so on Wednesday of this week I am going to be starting Advocare... I like the fact that you can eat all day.  I tried to do Isagenix and when I did it correctly I loved it and felt great however I couldn't stick to it and then I would get frustrated.  I'm hoping that trying something totally different maybe I can stay motivated.  For now, I am going to focus on getting through the first 10 days ( the cleanse phase)  I will try to blog everyday as to how it's going and what my day looked like.  I did create a meal plan and a grocery list to help me to stay focused.  I added it here :)  Wish me luck! 

Food ShoppingList
Canned Tuna 2 dozen eggs Hummus Pistachios Popcorn Brown Rice Arnolds sandwich thins Chick Peas (Garbanzo beans)
Lunchmeat Ham Lite Turkey Breast
Meats/Fish Rotisserie chicken Pork Chops Salmon Thi…