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Hello again 150's.....

So I worked out 5 days out of the 7...tried to behave with eating BUT gained a pound!! so this morning I treated myself to and egg and cheese wrap, baked chips and dip and a bag of pretzel M&M's.....if I'm going to gain weight, I might as well enjoy it :)  Now that I got that out of my system.... back to the diet for lunch....NO FUN!

Also, I have given up on the thought of fitting into my size 6 shorts for Disney...they can go on and zip but they don't are too tight...I guess I have to go buy myself some new shorts..... SIGH.... oh well they will be my June goal!!! LOL

Hello 140's.....

So I havne't been journaling persay but I have been mentally tallying my food... I know for sure it's not the same!! Maybe I will journal this week.... Anyway I lost 1.4 this week which brings me down to 149.2! That was exciting and motivating.  If the dumb weather would get nice I would love to add a nice walk outside to my daily routine as well... but anyway, soon enough! So I have 9.2 pounds to lose by April 16th! Do-able??

Another week down...

Weighed in today and lost 1.4 pounds... that was good! But I still can't get out of the 150's...ughhhh i'm so close.... anyway of course I celebrated my weight loss with a bagel for bfast and some mini choc donuts with my lunch.... oh well, I'll journal it all and hopefully have a "reasonable" dinner as they call it...hahhaha
and I wonder why I can't get out of the 150's!


Haven't had a min to blog for awhile!  I actually lost 1.6 pounds last week and weighed in at 152....hopefully tomorrow I can lose at least another pound! I am so over the 150's!! ugh... I have 1 month until Disney and to fit into my shorts!!

For the most part everyday has been kind of the same:
Bfast has been a banana and an activitia light yogurt
Lunch has been ham and slender amer cheese on an arnold's with baked chips, a sugar free choc pudding and either peaches or applesauce....
Dinner.... has been all diff stuff with some snacks in between
Dessert is usually some light ice cream or frozen yogurt...

Not too bad :)


So Saturday we went for a walk (probably about 1.5 miles) and last night I did 2 miles on the I'm trying.... BUT I can't get myself together on the starvtion end of things... I honestly didnt' really write my food down yesterday or today yet.. I'm ready for this week to end and a new one to begin.....My little lovebug has been sick and up at night so I'm a tired Mommy and sometimes snacks are the only thing that can make you feel better :)   hahahhahah

Anyway can't wait to weigh!!

Here's what I ate..... I am too tired to do points! hahah

egg whites cheese
1/4 leftover parm from dinner night before (pasta/chicken)
way too many grasshopper cookies (if you like thin mints these are a MUST)
ham/cheese on an arnolds
potato soup
chic broc rice
All such random stuff.....

Today so far I've had too many chips!!! I can't have snacks at work or I'll eat them ALLLLLL hahah... anyway at least i'm paying attention to what I&…

Friday-Saturday...ByeBye Bonus points...

Cheese/crackers 4
hash brown 4
brownie 6
cookie 5
chips 4
salmon 2
green beans 0
cheeseballs 4
cocktails 12
Total: 41
Over: 12
Bonus left: 25

bacon 5
bread 6
sausage 2
soup 5
Laughing cow stuffed mushrooms 2
tom/mozz salad 7
mozz stick 6
brushetta 4
chick parm 11
ice cream 6
cookies 6
Total: 60
Over: 31
bonus left -6

LOL Saturday was a joke!! Guess you can't eat a big breakfast and order out in the same day!


Comments show up now! :)

Yesterday's food....

cheese/crackers 4
smart one 7
goldfish 4
candy 2
fish sticks 2
salmon 2
rice 4
green beans 0
ice cream 7
Total: 32
Over: 3
Bonus left: 37

New Favorites!

Okay so I am really into Gorton's fish products at the moment.  So far I have had the lemon pepper grilled fish, tilapia and salmon.  The Salmon and lemom pepper fish were my fave.  The tilapia was okay but def. not my fave.  They are all 2 pts.each which is awesome with the new points system.  It's hard to find low point foods and they are delicious and great for dinner.  Also, their fish sticks are only 1 point each so that is great too!

My next favorite is Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar cheese.  It's 2 points for 2 ounces.  It is usually enough cheese to fill up 5 crackers so I've been using that cheese with Keebler toasted Sesame crackers (5 crackers are 2 points)  That has been my breakfast lately...
And lastly...everyday I have been going to McDonald's for a tea and a diet coke (yes I loooove the caffeine) but anyway today I decided to get a hash brown to go with it.... so I was looking up the new points plus for a hash…

Hmmm where did I leave off....

I think I'll just start fresh with yesterday being a new week... I ended up gaining 1.8 pounds so I'm doing great! hahah....anyway what can you's forcing me to do better this week.  The goal for this week is to continue to writing everything down but to add in exercise at least 3 days (I already did 2.5 miles on Tuesday) so I think I can bust out 2 more days AT LEAST!

My food yesterday was:
cheese crackers 4
Smart one 7
cookie 3
candy 2
pizza 10
fries 6
salad 5
Total: 38
Over: 9
Bonus left: 40

Nothing like starting the new week out going out to dinner with my bf and our kiddies LOL :)

Worst time of the day EVER...

I need to come up with a plan to entertain myself from 3:30 until dinner time.  I honestly can eat every snack in the house in that time period.  My goal for this new week is to have cut up veggies and fruit to occupy my snacking disfunction :)  I would save myself about 8 points each day!! that adds up!

Okay so let's see where I left off....

Weekend food..

bread (toast) 4
apple 0
crackers 3
pretzel crisps 3
breadsticks 5
pasta 5
sauce 4
salad 4
snacks 6
cocktails 12
Total: 44
Over: 15
Bonus left: 18

bacon 5
egg whites/cheese 2
sausage 2
green beans 0
salmon 2
crackers 2
75% reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese (yum) 2
goldfish 4  (dumb Denise and trip to the Please Touch....too many snacks! LOL)
chex mix 3
teddy grahams 1
chicken 4
rice 6
cookie 3
Ice cream 6
Total: 38
Over: 9
Bonus left: 9

Today was a BAD eating day!! Ooops!
egg white cheese (started with good intentions) 2
chex mix 7
cheese balls 4
chicken cheese rice wrap 11
mini soft pretzel 5
cookie 3
tilapia 2
tortellinis 7
brownies 8
cocktails 12
Total: 61
Over: 32
Bonus left: -23 LOL
Good thing I gave myself a free day of eating pretty much.....oh well what can you do..

toast 4
mini choc pieces 3
pretzel crisps 3
muffin with laughing cow 4
soup 3
snacks..... 8
sausage 5
potatoes 4
green beans 0
Total: 34
Over: 5

I ended the week …