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150's oh how I missed you!!

Okay so changing up my bfast routine must have worked along with really trying to do WW right last week! I lost 2 pounds :)  I weighed 158 today! that was exciting!! and def. motivating to keep it up!  I am down 9 pounds so far from when I officially started WW.  Yay me :)

Slumpy Slump

okay so I lost a pound BUT I'm still in the 160's, I've had enough! but I know that it's my fault, I counted but not everyday and all the time and my breakfasts have been out of control.... So my new goal for this week is to make good choices for bfast. Today I started the day with an arnolds with laughing cow and cucumbers and it was delicious and I'm happy with myself :) oh, also my first wedding dress fitting is tonight and goal was to be 155.... i'm still 5 pounds away from that one! ugh... time to get serious... I betcha the dress doesn't even zip! Ugh! lol

anyway happy new week.....

Yesterday's Grubbage

donut 4
ewc 3
smartone 6
peaches 1
bean dip 5
chips 3
chic cass 4
doritoes 3
ice cream 1
Total: 30
over: 7
bonus left: 28


Fired Up..

My blog looks like crap...stuff isn't posting right and there is soooooooo much room in between posts....what is going on?? hopefully it's just the website and it will fix itself! ugh

Going back to my roots...

I am going to back to when I first started WW and re-read my remotivate me and to re-focus me along with reminding me that I can do it!! :)

Hey Fat Girl.....

I wanna see you smile...
hhahha....remember that tune.... anyway so I gained .2 ounces this week...dammit.. I guess it doesn't help that I ate like a pig all day sunday and all day monday..... Disappointing for sure but I don't regret it :) Last night while my two friends and I were stuffing wedding invitations, we also decided to stuff our faces on the most delicious and super easy to make bean dip! It's cream cheese, old el paso seasoned black beans in the microwavable pouch topped with shredded cheddar cheese... omg it is needless to say I ate waaaaaaaay to much.. oh goal for this week is count count count and write write write :) I don't think that 155 is a reasonable goal for next week tuesday so the new goal is just to be in the flipping 150's by next Tuesday! haha... can't wait to try on this dress! ugh!

Happy Tuesday!


I am soooooooo close to the 150's! that is so exciting to me! I can feel that I am getting smaller too so that is exciting :) I can fit in alot of different things now that I couldn't fit into a month ago ;) I actually am wearing size 8 pants today...they are a little snug but they are on :) That was exciting to me! Also the fact that I lost two pounds was super exciting and encouraging... It's the little things that keep pushing you to stay focused and on track :)

My one friend has lost 17 pounds so far on her WW journey! I'm so proud of her and so happy for her! She said she hasn't been this light in 10 years :) She just had her second baby in May! Keep up the great job!

Anyway my food from yesterday:

MCD burritoes 14
peaches 1
applesauce 1
sausage 5
potatoes 4
wine 2
Total: 27
Over: 3
Bonus Left: 32

Here's to another good week!

Oh, and I just put on my Jessica Simpson xmas cd! getting so excited for my December wedding :) xoxo


Hmm so I think I missed a few days writing stuff down... I will try to remember the best I can. There are cheese curls in my house so that spells TROUBLE! But anyway...let's see...


2 ewc 6

soup 6

snacks 10

chicken 3

salad 1

strawberry popsicle 1

Total: 27

Over: 3

Bonus left: 32


mcd burrittos (fatty) 14

salad 2

homemade baked chick nuggets 4

snacks 8

pasta 6

strawberry pop 1

Total: 35

Over: 11

Bonus left: 24

24 points left for 5 days is not looking so good! hahaha

Over: 3

Wish it was more but I'll take it :)

So I weighed in this morning and lost .8... I was hoping for better then that, BUT i did eat a bunch of crap the past two days, so I kind of expected it... BUT it's still a loss so I will take it :)
I have a new short term goal.. it is to weigh 155 by October 26th. That is 8.2 pounds from now and 3 weeks away... I think/hope it is reasonable and reachable :) I have my first dress fitting that night, so 155 would be good! wish me luck!

Anyway here's to a new week!! :)


I don't even want to talk about the past two not in the mood to weigh in tomorrow... talk to you in the morning :)

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub....

I'm actually having a pretty good week so far... let's hope that it holds up over the weekend!
ewc 3
crackers 4
lc 4
soup 4
taco salad 10
total: 25
Over 1
Bonus left: 33

Ewcs 5
salad 5
tall white choc mocha 5
stromboli 15
cocktail 2
Total: 32
Bonus left: 25

Tuesday's grubbage

egg white cheese and sausage DD 5
smartone 4
fruit cup 1
pudding 1
salmon 7
brown rice 3
wine 2
WW ice cream 3
piece of choc 1
Total: 27
Over: 3
Bonus left: 32

New week...

Okay so here goes another week... I lost 2 pounds last week, but I think it's a lie b/c I don't feel any different and I ate cake all weekend.... even weigh in was pretty funny... I weighed this morning and was 165 so that would have been a 1 pounds loss, but weighed again to double check like I always do about 3 seconds later and was 164, so I weighed a 3rd time and was 164 again... so anyway that's what I'm going with, it will force me to do a good job this week! (I hope!) well I'm super busy at work so I have to go....happy counting :)

Happy Birthday Weekend to Me....

...and my gift to myself was air points! hahah... didn't mean too, but it's too hard when a piece of cake is 9 points a slice! I cut it down to about 6 pts a slice by ONLY eating the good parts (alllllllllll of the icing) :)

Anyway here's the weekend:
Egg white cheese wrap: 3
donut 6
Hoagie 15
cake 6
cookie 3
Total: 33
Over: 9
Bonus Left: 19

Happy Birthday Day:
Take note of the ridiculousness of the whoooole day LOL

cake 5
cookies 9
baked chips 2
turkey pep 2
arnolds 1
cheese 4
Snacks (spinach dip, taco dip, crab dip) 10
Cocktails: 10
icing 4
Total: 47
Over: 28
Bonus Left: ziiiippppooo
Air points used: 4

And unfortunately today started with cake for breakfast too..... and heading to the parent's house for dinner tonight...with some more cake! I think I'm actually getting sick of cake, is that possible.... :)

Oh well, we shall see what the scale says on Tuesday, should be interesting!

Yesterday's Grub

egg white bacon cheese wrap 5
smart one 5
yogurt 1
skittles 2
chicken 4
rice 5
salad 2
ww ice cream 2
Total: 26
Over: 2
Bonus left: 28

Tuesday and Wednesday

Egg white cheese wrap 3
yogurt 1
dip 1
smartone 4
bar 2
hummus 1
chips 2
chex mix 3
sausage 6
potatoes 3
ww ice cream 2
Total: 29
Over: 5
Bonus left: 30

turkey sausage cheese egg white flatbread 6
yogurt 1
dip 1
soup 2
rice cakes 1
pasta salad 6
cocktails 4
cheez it's 5
hummus/tostitoes 5
Total: 31
Over: 7
Bonus left: 23

New Week

Okay, so I lost 1.2 pounds this week... Which is good, def better then gaining, but I was hoping for at least 2, but what can you do. My goal for this week is to NOT weigh myself 800 times during the week, but only to weigh in once on weigh in day. I think this is why I was disappointed, at diff times of weighing in this week, I weighed less then this morning (however I weighed more at diff times too) but I guess in staying true to the program, I should only weigh on weigh in day :) So here's to a new scale-less week!

egg white cheese wrap 3
yogurt 1
LC 1
crackers 2
smart one 5
dip 1
broccoli with dressing 1
salad 3
pasta 5
WW ice cream 2
Total: 24
Over: 0

Gina's Skinny Recipes...Great Website!

Just thought I'd repost this website. It has tons of low fat/ low point recipes that are delicious! Lots of great ideas! Enjoy :)

On the right hand side you can click links to different meals that have different point values.

Favorite New Dessert

Ialways buy the WW ice cream desserts, but I just bought a new one yesterday. Well it's not new, but it was new to me. It is the WW Giant Mint Fudge Cone for 2 points. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing GIANT about it..... BUT it is delicious!!

My weekend :)

I had a fun filled weekend including lots of snacks and cocktails!! I tried to stick to my points BUT I did have a couple "air points" oops!! I weigh in tomorrow morning so we will see how my air points effected me!
Saturday's goal was to start the day with egg whites and then move onto a 2 pt soup for lunch however that didn't quite work the way that I planned :)
egg whites w/ cheese 2
meatballs and pasta 10
beer 4
snacks at Jami's 10
Total: 26
Over: 2
Bonus left: 4

Activity; P90 legs and back video

sausage, egg white and cheese wrap 5
buff dip (made with just light cream cheese, light ranch, chick and hot sauce) 12
celery 0
crab cake 3
1/2 cup brown rice 2
pasta salad 3
hummus 1
crackers 1
WW ice cream 2
Total: 29
Over: 5
Bonus left: 0
Air point 1

Activity: P90 video Kenpo

Point Party...

I really did it up last night but I still counted so that's all that matters :) I only have 6 bonus points left for the next 3 days so that ought to be fun to make them last! I'm thinking egg whites for breakfast and then a 2 pt soup from lunch and go from there :)
Yesterdays food:
egg white cheese wrap 3
rice cakes 1
smart one 4
pizza 14
chips 7
cocktails 8
Total: 37
Over: 13
Bonus Left: 6

Happy Saturday! Now I'm off to clean my house and workout...don't be jealous... :) and Happy 3 months away from my wedding day to me and the hubby to be xoxox

Rainbow Bright

Today while I was driving to work, I saw a faint pretty :) It made me smile and think of how peaceful and comforting nature can be....

Anyway, it's finally Friday, the last day of work for the week...wish I could say I had something wild planned for tonight BUT I don't, just a relaxing night at home with the soon to be hubby and my baby girl which is just about all my exhausted self can handle! This first full week was a looooong one with back to school night slapped in the middle!

Yesterday's Food
egg white cheese wrap 3
M&M's 6 (yes, they are gone now!)
Smartone 4
Garden salad with chix and light ranch 8
bite of mozz stick 2
Total: 24
Over: 0
Bonus left: 19

Yesterday's Grubbage

egg white sausage cheese wrap 5
soup 2
reduced fat cheez-its 3
applesauce 1
m&ms 6 (need to polish off the bag, so they're not in my desk! LOL)
fajita salad 15
starbucks skinny latte 2
wine 4
Total : 38
Over: 14
Bonus Left: 19

Loooow point breakfast ideas

My cousin just asked me about some low point breakfasts and I sent her an email giving her some ideas that I had. Then I thought it would be a good idea to just post, so here is my email to her :)

K here are my thoughts... on the weekend (or when I have time in the morning) I usually make myself egg whites and cheese using any kind of light shredded cheese that I want (usually cheddar). I never measure out the egg whites, I just buy the container of All Whites and pour as much into the pan as I want and call it 1 pt. (I spray the pan first with some Pam) I think 1/2 cup of the egg whites is 1 pt and then I add a 1/2 of the 1/4 cup with some cheese for flavor. That is 2 pts. I always think that if you over eat on egg whites or under count them that is NOT going to make or break your diet! LOL

Or I do a fiber english muffin with spray butter for 1 pt

or an arnolds sandwich thin with laughing cow for 2 pts....

so you can always mix and match the 1 pt muffins, Arnolds sandwich thins, or …


Egg white cheese wrap from DD 3
Smartone 5
ranch mini rice cakes 1
applesauce 1
m&ms 6 (oops)
Homemade chix nuggets breaded with egg whites and panko bread crumbs and baked 4
rice 3
broccolli 0
salad 3
Total: 26
Over: 2
Bonus left: 33

Activity: P90 chest bis and Ab videos

Back to school....back in action it's been a long, fun, exciting summer filled with a new baby, snacks, the beach, snacks, visits with friends, snacks and not to mention some cocktails here and there :) So anyway I am now back in school and the summer is over :( BUT this means 3 months until my WEDDING!! :)crazy!
I just gave birth to my daughter, Brielle, on June 3rd and at that time I was weighing in at 199!! (Okay sometimes the scale said 200 but at my last dr. visit I was 199 so that's what I'm sticking to!) But anyway 3 months later I am down to 167.2 which is where I am going to start my 2nd round of WW to lose the last 25 that I want to in time for my wedding day :)
I have also added the P90 workout routine into my diet/schedule. I am in week 5 of the program and have def. lost inches and toned up in the process. It's a great program and I def. recommend it to anyone and everyone. The only downside to it is that it's time consuming for sure...BUT well worth it. I try to look a…

Missed you...

I wanted to check in and write a little bit... I miss it! I am currently 6 3/4 months preggo with my first baby :) I do have a soon to be stepson who is 2, but this is the first time that my body is going through this wild thing they call pregnancy... honestly no one can prepare you for the way that your WHOLE body grows... not just a cute, round little ball of baby in your belly... I wish.. well I'm sure some people are that lucky but not this girl....

But anyway... it is def. hard to be gaining weight at the moment, but I know it's all for a good cause :) I also know that if I eat the WW way, walk and drink my water I would not gain the way that I am gaining... BUT I want to enjoy this time in my life as well... and I cannot explain the cravings that I get for SWEETS!!! With that being said, I have gained 24 pounds to date and have 3 months to go!! I have a dr's appt on Tuesday and will let you know the weight gain... ugh no fun!! haha
Month 5: gained 10 pounds
Month 6: …