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Slumpy Slump

okay so I lost a pound BUT I'm still in the 160's, I've had enough! but I know that it's my fault, I counted but not everyday and all the time and my breakfasts have been out of control.... So my new goal for this week is to make good choices for bfast. Today I started the day with an arnolds with laughing cow and cucumbers and it was delicious and I'm happy with myself :) oh, also my first wedding dress fitting is tonight and goal was to be 155.... i'm still 5 pounds away from that one! ugh... time to get serious... I betcha the dress doesn't even zip! Ugh! lol

anyway happy new week.....

Yesterday's Grubbage

donut 4
ewc 3
smartone 6
peaches 1
bean dip 5
chips 3
chic cass 4
doritoes 3
ice cream 1
Total: 30
over: 7
bonus left: 28


Fired Up..

My blog looks like crap...stuff isn't posting right and there is soooooooo much room in between posts....what is going on?? hopefully it's just the website and it will fix itself! ugh

Going back to my roots...

I am going to back to when I first started WW and re-read my remotivate me and to re-focus me along with reminding me that I can do it!! :)

Hey Fat Girl.....

I wanna see you smile...
hhahha....remember that tune.... anyway so I gained .2 ounces this week...dammit.. I guess it doesn't help that I ate like a pig all day sunday and all day monday..... Disappointing for sure but I don't regret it :) Last night while my two friends and I were stuffing wedding invitations, we also decided to stuff our faces on the most delicious and super easy to make bean dip! It's cream cheese, old el paso seasoned black beans in the microwavable pouch topped with shredded cheddar cheese... omg it is needless to say I ate waaaaaaaay to much.. oh goal for this week is count count count and write write write :) I don't think that 155 is a reasonable goal for next week tuesday so the new goal is just to be in the flipping 150's by next Tuesday! haha... can't wait to try on this dress! ugh!

Happy Tuesday!


I am soooooooo close to the 150's! that is so exciting to me! I can feel that I am getting smaller too so that is exciting :) I can fit in alot of different things now that I couldn't fit into a month ago ;) I actually am wearing size 8 pants today...they are a little snug but they are on :) That was exciting to me! Also the fact that I lost two pounds was super exciting and encouraging... It's the little things that keep pushing you to stay focused and on track :)

My one friend has lost 17 pounds so far on her WW journey! I'm so proud of her and so happy for her! She said she hasn't been this light in 10 years :) She just had her second baby in May! Keep up the great job!

Anyway my food from yesterday:

MCD burritoes 14
peaches 1
applesauce 1
sausage 5
potatoes 4
wine 2
Total: 27
Over: 3
Bonus Left: 32

Here's to another good week!

Oh, and I just put on my Jessica Simpson xmas cd! getting so excited for my December wedding :) xoxo


Hmm so I think I missed a few days writing stuff down... I will try to remember the best I can. There are cheese curls in my house so that spells TROUBLE! But anyway...let's see...


2 ewc 6

soup 6

snacks 10

chicken 3

salad 1

strawberry popsicle 1

Total: 27

Over: 3

Bonus left: 32


mcd burrittos (fatty) 14

salad 2

homemade baked chick nuggets 4

snacks 8

pasta 6

strawberry pop 1

Total: 35

Over: 11

Bonus left: 24

24 points left for 5 days is not looking so good! hahaha

Over: 3

Wish it was more but I'll take it :)

So I weighed in this morning and lost .8... I was hoping for better then that, BUT i did eat a bunch of crap the past two days, so I kind of expected it... BUT it's still a loss so I will take it :)
I have a new short term goal.. it is to weigh 155 by October 26th. That is 8.2 pounds from now and 3 weeks away... I think/hope it is reasonable and reachable :) I have my first dress fitting that night, so 155 would be good! wish me luck!

Anyway here's to a new week!! :)


I don't even want to talk about the past two not in the mood to weigh in tomorrow... talk to you in the morning :)

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub....

I'm actually having a pretty good week so far... let's hope that it holds up over the weekend!
ewc 3
crackers 4
lc 4
soup 4
taco salad 10
total: 25
Over 1
Bonus left: 33

Ewcs 5
salad 5
tall white choc mocha 5
stromboli 15
cocktail 2
Total: 32
Bonus left: 25