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I just looked back at old posts...and the month of April seems to have been my best month. I was on track with points/weighing food/measuring portions/writing it all down... and that is when I saw the most results and was the closest to my goal... That just made me realize that I can do this :) I am back to feeling motivated!! (Probably until I get out to dinner tonight! Haha) But being dead serious, when you take the WW plan seriously and don't lie to yourself about what you ate or how much of something you ate, you will see results... I am excited to get back on track..... for the 900000th time! hahaha You can do it too!!

Hi there :)

I figured that I'd do a mid-week check in.... my week isn't going as bad as I thought but not that good either. It is my Birthday week, so that is my excuse. I have dinner out tonight, tomorrow night and Friday night.... Can't wait :)

I'll try to remember and post my food from the past few days... the weekend I totally slacked on writing things down... I need to stop having free for alls on weekends! I'm never going to get anywhere that way!

Arnolds 1
LC 1
yogurt 1
popcorn 1
Lean cuisine 5
Cake 6
M&Ms 5
Salad 2
arnolds 1
turk and cheese 4
cheese 4
crackers 2
beer 1
Total: 34
Bonus: None, I keep inhaling them all and then some on the weekends!

Skinny Latte starbucks 2
arnolds 1
Laughing cow 1
lean cuisine 5
popcorn 1
snack crap 5
shrimp 4
noodles 6
brushetta on a baguette 6
Total: 31
Over: 9

Fat, Fat, Fat

I am having a fat, fat, fat week.... excuse me until next Monday :)

WW Week 2

So week 2 went well with everyone at work!! I am proud of the girls!! I personally had a pretty good week. I lost 2.2 pounds and also was able to do some push-ups, sit-ups and squats throughout the week. My weekend didn't start off so well, but I did pretty good Mon-Thurs. I made it a point to drink my water everyday and try to leave myself around 12 points for dinner. Next week the goal will be NOT to use all of my bonus points and then some by Day 2! LOL
But's to a new week!!

Yesterday's Food
arnolds 1
Skinny Latte 2
LC 1
Lean Cuisine 4
baked chips 3
chicken 3
rice 2
salad 6
m&ms 2
total: 24
Water: 88 ounces


Okay, I'm feeling much better today, I did my push-ups (holy hell), sit-ups and squats last night and I had a pretty good day of eating AND most importantly my grey pants fit me!! That was exiting, they were snug last week and today they fit! That was so exciting to me :) Just wanted to share!
Yesteday's Food:
DD flatbread 6
Yogurt 1
Lean Cuisine 4
Arnolds 1
Laughing Cow 1
Salad 6
Roll 3
Soup 1
Skinny Latte 2
Total: 25
Over: 3


Okay so as I've been shifting weight and changing sizes up and down and round and round...I think that I have discovered how they figure out women's sizes in pants....

170's - size 12
160's - size 10
150's - size 8
140's - size 6
130's - size 4
120's - size 2
110's - size 0

I also have figured out how can you can be in between sizes.... if you are over the halfway mark in one of the will notice you're pants will become a bit snug... LOL you might need to move up a size to be cozy again...however that size will probably be a little big...
for example right now I am 147 and my 6's are not really cutting it the way that they used to, I probably should buy some 8's! But instead I will wear my one pair of 6's that fit and just keep on trucking...hahahha

Fired Up....

Ugh...I can't seem to drop a pound or even feel lighter...I'm getting frustrated and my pants still feel snug!!!! Hopefully someday I will lose maybe an ounce or something....just something!!
Anyway, my abs are super sore from doing push-ups... I am not at all good at the "boy" push-ups so I have to use everything I got in my ab area to keep me up and in "good form". I have no clue how I'm going to bust them out tonight! I guess you just do it! :)
Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.... I keep telling myself 2 months and I should be able to drop around 10 pounds... Fingers Crossed

Yesterday's Food:
Arnolds 1
LC 1
Crackers 2
LC 1
Healthy Choice 4
Hoagie 8
Chips 3
Mac Salad 6
Popsicle 1
Total: 27
Over: 5
Bonus left: -20 LOL and I wonder why I can't drop a pound!!

Yesterday's Food

I still used some "air" points...but it wasn't tooooo bad :)

arnolds 1
lc 1
meatballs 2
mushrooms 1
healthy choice 3
pudding 1
candy 2
raviolis 6
bread 3
sauce 1
salad 3
Total: 24
Over: 2

I also did Week 1 day 1 of my sit-ups, push-ups and squats... the push-ups are killer!! and my abs are actually a little sore today!
Water: 75 ounces

Week 1

Oh yeah and today I start week one's "training" of push-up's, sit-ups and squats. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes!


Okay, so weekend number one was not so good...but that's okay I'm all out of bonus and then some "air" points as I like to call them...but I'm feeling okay about things. I made good choices when I was out, but I was still over my points... so not so bad, but definetely not so good either! I am going to have to try to stick to my daily points everyday....which means making it to dinner with at least 12 points left... That seems to be my hardest part of the day....
Here is my food from the weekend:
arnolds 1
lc 1
healthy choice 8
popcorn 3
beer 3
pasta salad 4
tacos 12
total: 32
Over: 10
Left: 25

egg whites 1
chicken chili 4
cheese dip 8
salad 3
salmon 4
filet 2
bernaise 8
creamed spinach 3
roll 3
cocktails 7
Total: 47
Over: 25
Bonus left: 0

arnolds 2
cheese 5
100 cal oreos 2
beer 6
chicken 3
roll 3
potatoes 1
crabcake 3
sausage 3
potatoes 2
doritoes 3
icing 3
ww ice cream 2
Total: 38
Over: 16
Bonus left: NONE I had none to start!

OK...New weigh in Day

Okay so today was another new beginning :) A group of girls at work and myself are doing a WW "club" persay to keep each other motivated and on track :) I'm excited!

I will be weighing in on Fridays from now on....

Yesterday's Food:
Arnold's 1
Lc 1
Healthy Choice 4
Popcorn 4
shrimp 6
veggies 0
rice 2
salad 2
beer 2
Total: 22
Bonus Left 18


So I did the initial sit-up, push-up and squat challenge and here were my results:
Push-ups (the boy ones!): 17 I scored a level 3 out of 7
Sit-ups: (crunches): 77 I scored Excellent :)
Squats: 50 I scored Excellent :)

Not toooooo bad! I will continue to do the challenge and will post my weekly results.

Food Yesterday:
DD Egg white sausage flatbread thing 6
Healthy Choice 5
Popcorn 4
pasta salad 2
salmon 4
1/2 cup brown rice 2
veggies 0
salad 2
icing 3
graham crackers3
Total: 31
Over: 9
Bonus Left: 14

Sit-ups, Squats and Push-ups...Oh My!

Okay so I keep seeing a post on that talks about a challenge of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Here is the challenge. I'm going to try it out!! I challenge you too as well!!! There is no excuse not to be able to do this.... you do not need a gym, weights, nice weather, that much time, to be home, etc, etc, etc :)

How many can you do????????? I will post my results tomorrow...should be interesting :)

Day 1....not so good...LOL Day 1 was a bust. Not a total bust, it started off just fine.....BUT dinner killed me. I am really having a hard time with the portion control part of this... Not to be discouraged though, I will get it together!

Yesterday's food (thank god for bonus points!)
Arnolds 1
LC 1
Yogurt 1
Fiber Select Veggie Crackers 2
Smartone 4
arnolds 1
LC 1
Meatballs 9
Pasta 4
Salad 2
Ice cream 2
M&Ms 3
Bread 3
Total: 34
Over: 12
Bonus Left: 23 (yikes!)

Water: 88 ounces....I did drink all of my water for the day so that was a positive!

Anyway, here's to day 2!


I'm having a hard time getting a normal picture up....bear with me :)

Welcome Back....

Just wanted to welcome myself and whoever else is out there reading this :) I am back in action... WW is in full effect along with a new school year! I started the day off with some yogurt...we will see where the rest of the day leads....Good luck to everyone that is currently on WW and just starting brand new today! We can do it!