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Seriously used 11 bonus points in 5 minutes at the end of the day....killer...

Once you start the day off high in points, it usually is an over the limit kind of day... LOL

bagel 8
cream cheese 3
pretzel crisps 3
crackers 3
laughing cow 1
tilapia 3
goldfish 4
cheese balls 3
2 chicken nuggets 3
fries 3
cereal 5
milk 2
teddy grahams 4
Total: 49
Over: 16
Bonus left: 33

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to many dumb snacks....

Week 2 Day 1 Grubbage

low fat Capp from Wawa 6
nutrigrain bar 3
salad 9
banana 0
apple 0
baked potato soup from Panera 8
Chicken 3
Total: 29
Right on points :)

New Week...

Lost a pound :) 

Now onto week 2.....


salad 4
muffin 3
cheese 4
pretzels 3
brushetta 3
tilapia 5
soup 6
beans 2
rice 2
ice cream 3
Total: 35
Air points: 6

Week is over!!

Sunday and Monday...

egg white cheese wrap DD 4
bread/butter 6
goldfish 4
cup of broc ched panera 7
wine 12
snacks at party  20
Total: 53
Over: 24
Bonus left: 0

Monday (another day at home is killer for the diet!)
egg white cheese 2
nutrigrain bar 3
salad (pasta, walnuts, cheese, dressing) 10
bread/butter 4
pringles 2
swordfish 3
mashed potatoes 4
ice ceam 3
Total: 31
Air points... 2

Last day of this week....can't wait to weigh tomorrow we'll see if I lost an ounce!  I don't feel much different...

Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

I've been writing down my food, just haven't been on the computer so here is the last few days:

nutrigrain bar 3
yogurt  2
crackers 3
english muffin 3
buff chick/slender amer cheese 5
turkey cheese hoagie dry 10
4 million chips  estimated 10
Total: 36
Over: 7
Bonus Left: 41

Starbucks reduced fat very berry crumb cake 9
yogurt 2
candy 1
salad from baja fresh 10
chips/salsa at baja 10
cheeseballs 3
salad with grilled chick 6
ice cream 3
Total: 44
Over: 15
Bonus Left: 26

Cheeseballs (yes, that's how I started my day) 3
goldfish 3
egg white cheese wrap from DD 4
Turkey hot dog 3
small piece pizza 6
baked chips 4
bite cheese cake and lick of cannoli 3
**fish fillet 2
cauliflower 0
apple 0
yogurt 3
Total: 31
Over: 2
Bonus Left: 24

Not too bad going into Sunday with 24 points :)  Going out to bfast tomorrow morning and have a party tomorrow afternoon, so you can almost guarantee they will be goooooooooooone! haha

**Gorton's lemon pepper grilled fi…

Laughing Cow....

Laughing Cow is still only 1 POINT!! Woo Hoo!! But the Veggie Fiber Selects that I put with it went from 2 to 3 pts.... stinks.... but what can do you!

Day 1 Round 90009990900909

Okay so yesterday wasn't too bad at all :)  I'm starting to get used to the new point system and hopefully I can stay motivated!
My day:
Nutrigrain bar 3
Eng Muffin 3
Slender Amer Cheese 3
Buff Chick Breast 2
Soup 4
Crackers 2
Taco Salad 9 (the taco meat was less points then the old plan which was nice!) 1/2 cup 90/10 meat was only 3 pts.
Ice Cream (Skinny Minty Turkey Hill -YUMMM) 3
Total: 30
Over 1
Bonus Left: 48


Okay so I was weighing in on Monday mornings when I was 1/2 a$#ed doing WW, which was crazy b/c who weighs in on Monday mornings...but anyway I was and this Monday I weighed 153.0..okay not too bad.... then when I went to my WW meeting last night, I weighed myself before I left, fully dressed, after I ate dinner and weighed 158.8....then at the meeting I weighed 158.2.... so then this morning I decided to weigh myself to see what I was (b/c honestly I'm not digging the 158 LOL) and I was 152.8.... SOOOOOOO with all of that being said..... My numbers that I am going with are:  the 158.2 for WW weigh in's on Tuesday nights and 152.8 for Wednesday mornings... I'm over the Monday weigh in and moving forward! hahah... Funny how my Tues night and Wed morn numbers are the same in just a flip flopped order...anyway that is my crazy story with numbers and the scale....
Bottom line...weigh yourself in the morning and totally naked! hahahah


I feel better now... I found a new website with the Points Plus Calculator and I also found a bunch of new snack ideas with the point plus values :)


I'm trying to start over but I'm frustrated for several reasons:

1.) the pic is ginormous and there is no way to change the size of it!
2.) all of the points are diff now so I have to redo so many things about the blog
3.) i should just start it over, BUT i would lose everything that I've already done

I am just going to start over from here and get myself together....
I officially joined WW tonight.  I weighed in at 158.2 (in my defense I was fully clothed and it was after I ate dinner!) goal is 140 by April 16th when we go to Disney... The new point system is called Points Plus so I am going to add all of my new info under the titles of points plus.  This way everyone will know that I'm talking about the new plan.... or should I delete the olds stuff?? I think I should delete....right?? This is going to be a bit of a process but here goes nothing... :)