Starting Something Totally New For Me...

Okay it's been awhile... but I'm back...I hope.... anyway I need a new change or something different to give me a jumpstart or new focus that I haven't tried before... so on Wednesday of this week I am going to be starting Advocare... I like the fact that you can eat all day.  I tried to do Isagenix and when I did it correctly I loved it and felt great however I couldn't stick to it and then I would get frustrated.  I'm hoping that trying something totally different maybe I can stay motivated.  For now, I am going to focus on getting through the first 10 days ( the cleanse phase)  I will try to blog everyday as to how it's going and what my day looked like.  I did create a meal plan and a grocery list to help me to stay focused.  I added it here :)  Wish me luck! 

Food ShoppingList
Canned Tuna 2 dozen eggs Hummus Pistachios Popcorn Brown Rice Arnolds sandwich thins Chick Peas (Garbanzo beans)
Lunchmeat Ham Lite Turkey Breast
Meats/Fish Rotisserie chicken Pork Chops Salmon Thi…

48 Days...

So my intentions were there... I started the day off uber focused and ready to cleanse for two days.... I even got on the treadmill and did a quick 2.5 miles... then stress took over and I ran to food for support... Why? I have NO clue.... It only makes me feel like crap and disappointed, however I do it over and over... BUT anyway enough of the sob story that I'll never have an answer for.... Moving on, I have 48 days until we go to Disney!  48 days... and at least 20 pounds to lose... Tomorrow and Thursday will be cleanse days... I refuse to be knocked down...  :)   #healthyliving

Follow Our Arrow

Please check out a blog that my bestie and I finally are creating!  It was a long time coming and we hope that you will LOVE IT and watch it grow :)

Back in Action...

Back in action... Okay I am going to get back into this blog.... I just had my 3rd baby 4 months ago and I am about getting in that zone where I HAVE to lose this baby weight and my bestie has motivated me to get back into blogging :) ... I have about 30 pounds to be at my "dream" weight.. but i guess I should start with small goals... first goal is to get to getting preggo weight which was 163, that is much higher then I would have liked to be, but Brynlee decided she was ready to become a part of our family and that was what I weighed so what could I do but continue to eat up :) So short term goal is to get to 163 and then set a new goal from there.  I was recently hovering around 168-170 but this week was full of lots of pizza, wine and cheese curls so I'm seeing and feeling the difference.  Time to get myself back on track... I am going to try to commit myself to Isagenix starting on Monday.... tomorrow I have a baby shower and a 1st bday party, so to start tomorrow …

Back to the blog!

March 15
Weighed 175.6
Using old plan...

drink water
log food intake
exercise at least twice a week for now

Hello again 140's LOL

Lost 1.2 this week.....  that was exciting! If I can just get down to like 147 I'd be happy....always a goal.... never satisfied! hahahah..

Hello again 150's.....

So I worked out 5 days out of the 7...tried to behave with eating BUT gained a pound!! so this morning I treated myself to and egg and cheese wrap, baked chips and dip and a bag of pretzel M&M's.....if I'm going to gain weight, I might as well enjoy it :)  Now that I got that out of my system.... back to the diet for lunch....NO FUN!

Also, I have given up on the thought of fitting into my size 6 shorts for Disney...they can go on and zip but they don't are too tight...I guess I have to go buy myself some new shorts..... SIGH.... oh well they will be my June goal!!! LOL