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Monday's Grubbage

Week 8
2 Months :)
Yogurt 1
Arnolds 1
Cream Cheese 1
Crackers 2
Chips 2
Chicken 1
Pasta 3
Sauce 4
Garlic Bread 3
Crabmeat 1
Salad 2
WW Cookie Dough ice cream 3
FF cool whip 1
Total: 25
Over: 4
Bonus left: 31
Water: 88 ounces
Activity: walked dog 45 mins (and she was still hyper!)


Did you miss me this morning??? If you did or were waiting for my post that is one more thing that I am thankful for!! Love you all!


So today has been insane due to the fact that it is conference time at school and for some reason parents think that conferences are 1 hour long instead of the 20 minutes that they signed up for.... I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I talk and talk and talk some more... But anyway I only had 3 conferences lasting the past 3 hours... I am a mess....haha... I do feel like it's nice for the parents as well as myself to come in and chat. I did get alot of dirt today and if you know me I love the dirt.... bet you wish that I would share.... but I'm sure there is some Hippa law out there that forbids me....but just know that it was juicy and had to do with two babies mommas , 5 Daddy...... LOL

Anyway weigh in went okay. Lost .6, as my friend told me today, this diet stuff is teaching me alot of patience...which is def. something that I need to work on.... So not only am I losing weight but I'm gaining some patience. So that is two great things tha…


egg whites with cheese 2
taco salad 10
mini pierogie 1
Pudding 1
cocktails 10 (oops!!!) LOL

Total: 24
over: 3
bonus left: 17

Ugh weighing in tomorrow......

Beware: Texting and Dogs Don't Mix

Here's the scene.... It's Friday night, just finished dinner, all is calm, all is well.... I'm watching TV with the boyfriend and texting back and forth with my friends when all of the sudden my beast of a dog decided that she wanted to play and play and play and play.... she is only 7 months old so for all of you dog people out there.... quite possibly you can relate. Well anyway the boyfriend is playing with her for about 10 minutes while I'm on the couch texting away.... he finally says to me can you please get off the damn phone for a minute and play with this dog. OOPS....according to him, the phone is an extension of my right arm.....(unfortunately he is correct!)
SO....without saying anything, I try to happily sit on the floor and play with the dog... while placing my phone on silent and continuing to text away..... Well all of the sudden I put the phone over my face to read a text and the phone slips out of my hands and hits me right on the bridge of my nose.…

Not bad for a Friday....

Breakfast casserole 7
Soup 2
Crackers 2
Laughing Cow 1
Baked Ruffles 2
Flounder 4
Brown Rice 2
Corn 1
Total: 21

Work Schmurk....

Whistle while you work.... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah! Whoever decided that work weeks should be 5 days and weekends should be 2 should have been fired and replaced by someone more intelligent that would have come up with a more fair plan of working 4 days and weekending for 3 days. This would have kept work morale at a much higher level and wouldn't cause my girlfriends to be grumpy on the 5th day!!

Yesterday's Grubdown...

Can you tell that I love cheese??????? Haha

Yogurt 1
Crackers 3 (The new wheat thin fiber selects veggie flavored....yummy! 15 for 2 points)
Pudding 1
Soup 5
Arnolds 1
Cheese 2
Cheese stick 2
Doritoes 1
Yogurt 1
Smart One 4
Bite of Lipton buttered noodles (the boyfriend kills me with his yummy foods that he makes)
Total: 23
Over: 2
Bonus Left: 20

Who Me???

Two funny things....
Last night my very best friend in the world told me

1. that my hiney was looking tiny... (now if you know my hiney, those two words do not go together)

2. that I looked anorexic to her.... (not in the sense of reaaally looking anorexic but she looked at me like I really looked skinny to her and she's never seen me look that tiny... like I was disappearing...hahahah)

It's all about the little things....

hahah love you xoxo

Points Yesterday

Oops...forgot the whole point of this was to list my food/points...

Yesterday was a bad day, but so far the week has been great so that's okay!

Yogurt 1
Laughing cow 2 (had two of them)
Lean cuisine 5
pudding 1
cake 3
cheese/pepperoni 5
pizza 9
mini resee cup 2
animal crackers 3
icing 1
Total: 34
Over: 13
Bonus Left: 22

Day 2

Okay, so I hemmed and hauled about sending out the link to my blog to all of my friends and family but I ended up doing it! I hope that everyone enjoys what I write/babble about :) The reason why I didnt' want to send this out is b/c it said my weight on it! Ewgh.. I know it's just a number...BUT...its funny how easy it is to get sooooo caught up on that one dumb little number..... it follows you around everywhere you go...I wonder when it starts.. when do you think girls start to worry about that number? One of my bestest friends daughter is 5 and she ALREADY asks what is fat, what is skinny.... and we think...oh no, what are we doing!! We try our hardest not to talk about weight and stuff in front of her, but did you ever have one of those days/weeks/months where it comsumes your conversations? LOL
Anyway have a great day.... and I cannot wait until the weekend! It's suppossed to be 1/2 nice, 1/2 rain... hmmmm....what to do....

New at this... I've been reading so many other people's blogs and enjoying them that I thought I would attempt to write my own. I am mainly using this as a way of tracking my weight loss by writing down my daily points/food/ideas, etc. But you never know with me...I might just slip in a random story or two. As you get to know me, you will begin to realize that I LOVE to talk and more then that, I love to ask questions.... :) Well, here's to nothing..

This is my 3rd round of WW and about 4 millionth round of dieting... but for some reason this time it is actually working....I guess b/c I have for some miraculous reason been able to stick to it for longer then 5 minutes... I started my journey at 160 pounds and on my 7th week I am at 148 pounds...Pretty impressive I must say.... So to all of you people out there who don't think that you can do it.. believe me when I say YOU CAN!