Back in Action...

Back in action... Okay I am going to get back into this blog.... I just had my 3rd baby 4 months ago and I am about getting in that zone where I HAVE to lose this baby weight and my bestie has motivated me to get back into blogging :) ... I have about 30 pounds to be at my "dream" weight.. but i guess I should start with small goals... first goal is to get to getting preggo weight which was 163, that is much higher then I would have liked to be, but Brynlee decided she was ready to become a part of our family and that was what I weighed so what could I do but continue to eat up :) So short term goal is to get to 163 and then set a new goal from there.  I was recently hovering around 168-170 but this week was full of lots of pizza, wine and cheese curls so I'm seeing and feeling the difference.  Time to get myself back on track... I am going to try to commit myself to Isagenix starting on Monday.... tomorrow I have a baby shower and a 1st bday party, so to start tomorrow would be setting up for failure.  I am going to try to blog again to keep myself held accountable and hopefully to stay on track and to motivate others!  So here goes nothing... :)

Wish me luck!!


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