One week down...

K...going onto week 2...last week wasn't that bad... I was def. over points and used all of my bonus points by day 2 but by writing things down, it did help me to get back on track. I'm feeling like this week will be a good one :)
I weighed in this morning at 146.0, so I lost 2.6 pounds from last week. I will take it! I am 11 pounds away from my goal..... getting there....slowly but surely.

My friend Jami re-introduced me to the Jillian Michaels 30 minute Shred workout. I forgot how good it is! It's quick and pushes you! It's on On Demand for Comcast and Verizon. You can also buy the DVD too. There are either 2 or 3 parts, I'm not sure, but as you get better at 1 you move onto the next one and so on....
So heres to a good week of eating and shredding!


Lil's Big Momma said…
That Jami girl sounds really cool :)

Great Job Reggie :)

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