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Whenever I'm away from the computer, I always think of a million things that I want to write about...then I sit at the computer and NOTHING....what the heck.... 2 random things....

I did want to write about my skinny caramel latte from Starbucks.(3 points for a grande, 2 points for a tall) .. I didn't like the skinny vanilla one, but for some reason the caramel one sounded fantabulous today.... so I got it and I don't really like it...LOL if you like coffee, you will def. enjoy....I think next time I would get extra caramel..... but better yet, I'll just stick to my morning tea from DD, can't go wrong with that one! Delish!

Another thing..... Weigh in day has been changed to Friday. My two girlfriends and I decided last night... Monday weigh in's are too now we will be able to enjoy the weekends :) I def. think that it was good to do for the beginning, b/c it held me more accountable on the weekends but now I'm feeling pretty confident that I will do okay so I am good with moving weigh in to fridays :) I should have listened to my 9 and 3/4 months preggo gfriend from the beginning who always weighed in on thursday nights (she was the original WW'er in the crew pre-preggoness) and said I was nuts for a Monday weigh in :) I do think it was good for awhile though but it's time for a change!

Since we changed weigh in day we had to change our bonus points for this week too... what we did was divide our bonus points by 7 days of the week, so it's 5 extra points a day that you get each week we will get 20 bonus points for the rest of this week (we took 5 pts. off for Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and then weigh on Friday will start with the extra 35 and things will be normal from then :) Think that's right! :)

Monday food
arnolds 1
yogurt 1
lean cuisine 5
mushrooms 2
taco salad 7
snacks 2
ice cream 2
Total: 20
Water: 88 ounces
Activity: ran 3.7 walked 1.3


Lil's Big Momma said…
Love the shout-out :)

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