Missed you...

I wanted to check in and write a little bit... I miss it! I am currently 6 3/4 months preggo with my first baby :) I do have a soon to be stepson who is 2, but this is the first time that my body is going through this wild thing they call pregnancy... honestly no one can prepare you for the way that your WHOLE body grows... not just a cute, round little ball of baby in your belly... I wish.. well I'm sure some people are that lucky but not this girl....

But anyway... it is def. hard to be gaining weight at the moment, but I know it's all for a good cause :) I also know that if I eat the WW way, walk and drink my water I would not gain the way that I am gaining... BUT I want to enjoy this time in my life as well... and I cannot explain the cravings that I get for SWEETS!!! With that being said, I have gained 24 pounds to date and have 3 months to go!! I have a dr's appt on Tuesday and will let you know the weight gain... ugh no fun!! haha
Month 5: gained 10 pounds
Month 6: gained 2 pounds
Month 7: we shall see... I'm going with 8 pounds.... I've really been eating way too many sweets!

Anyway, it's good to be back to blogging... I will try to check in frequently. I cannot wait to get back to WW. I am getting married in December, so from when she is born (yes, it's a girl!!!) until December, it will be wedding boot camp!! Wish me luck!! I miss my "skinny" clothes!!



Jami said…
I missed you, too :) Can't wait to meet my little BreeBear :)

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