Hey Fat Girl.....

I wanna see you smile...
hhahha....remember that tune.... anyway so I gained .2 ounces this week...dammit.. I guess it doesn't help that I ate like a pig all day sunday and all day monday..... Disappointing for sure but I don't regret it :) Last night while my two friends and I were stuffing wedding invitations, we also decided to stuff our faces on the most delicious and super easy to make bean dip! It's cream cheese, old el paso seasoned black beans in the microwavable pouch topped with shredded cheddar cheese... omg it is faaaaaaaaaaantastic...so needless to say I ate waaaaaaaay to much.. oh well...new goal for this week is count count count and write write write :) I don't think that 155 is a reasonable goal for next week tuesday so the new goal is just to be in the flipping 150's by next Tuesday! haha... can't wait to try on this dress! ugh!

Happy Tuesday!


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