Slumpy Slump

okay so I lost a pound BUT I'm still in the 160's, I've had enough! but I know that it's my fault, I counted but not everyday and all the time and my breakfasts have been out of control.... So my new goal for this week is to make good choices for bfast. Today I started the day with an arnolds with laughing cow and cucumbers and it was delicious and I'm happy with myself :) oh, also my first wedding dress fitting is tonight and goal was to be 155.... i'm still 5 pounds away from that one! ugh... time to get serious... I betcha the dress doesn't even zip! Ugh! lol

anyway happy new week.....


Jami said…
it will fit and you will look fabulous :)
Lora said…
Great job on losing another pound! It is better than gaining a pound! Keep up the good work!

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