I am soooooooo close to the 150's! that is so exciting to me! I can feel that I am getting smaller too so that is exciting :) I can fit in alot of different things now that I couldn't fit into a month ago ;) I actually am wearing size 8 pants today...they are a little snug but they are on :) That was exciting to me! Also the fact that I lost two pounds was super exciting and encouraging... It's the little things that keep pushing you to stay focused and on track :)

My one friend has lost 17 pounds so far on her WW journey! I'm so proud of her and so happy for her! She said she hasn't been this light in 10 years :) She just had her second baby in May! Keep up the great job!

Anyway my food from yesterday:

MCD burritoes 14
peaches 1
applesauce 1
sausage 5
potatoes 4
wine 2
Total: 27
Over: 3
Bonus Left: 32

Here's to another good week!

Oh, and I just put on my Jessica Simpson xmas cd! getting so excited for my December wedding :) xoxo


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