I'm trying to start over but I'm frustrated for several reasons:

1.) the pic is ginormous and there is no way to change the size of it!
2.) all of the points are diff now so I have to redo so many things about the blog
3.) i should just start it over, BUT i would lose everything that I've already done

I am just going to start over from here and get myself together....
I officially joined WW tonight.  I weighed in at 158.2 (in my defense I was fully clothed and it was after I ate dinner!) goal is 140 by April 16th when we go to Disney... The new point system is called Points Plus so I am going to add all of my new info under the titles of points plus.  This way everyone will know that I'm talking about the new plan.... or should I delete the olds stuff?? I think I should delete....right?? This is going to be a bit of a process but here goes nothing... :)


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