Okay so I was weighing in on Monday mornings when I was 1/2 a$#ed doing WW, which was crazy b/c who weighs in on Monday mornings...but anyway I was and this Monday I weighed 153.0..okay not too bad.... then when I went to my WW meeting last night, I weighed myself before I left, fully dressed, after I ate dinner and weighed 158.8....then at the meeting I weighed 158.2.... so then this morning I decided to weigh myself to see what I was (b/c honestly I'm not digging the 158 LOL) and I was 152.8.... SOOOOOOO with all of that being said..... My numbers that I am going with are:  the 158.2 for WW weigh in's on Tuesday nights and 152.8 for Wednesday mornings... I'm over the Monday weigh in and moving forward! hahah... Funny how my Tues night and Wed morn numbers are the same in just a flip flopped order...anyway that is my crazy story with numbers and the scale....
Bottom line...weigh yourself in the morning and totally naked! hahahah


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