Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

I've been writing down my food, just haven't been on the computer so here is the last few days:

nutrigrain bar 3
yogurt  2
crackers 3
english muffin 3
buff chick/slender amer cheese 5
turkey cheese hoagie dry 10
4 million chips  estimated 10
Total: 36
Over: 7
Bonus Left: 41

Starbucks reduced fat very berry crumb cake 9
yogurt 2
candy 1
salad from baja fresh 10
chips/salsa at baja 10
cheeseballs 3
salad with grilled chick 6
ice cream 3
Total: 44
Over: 15
Bonus Left: 26

Cheeseballs (yes, that's how I started my day) 3
goldfish 3
egg white cheese wrap from DD 4
Turkey hot dog 3
small piece pizza 6
baked chips 4
bite cheese cake and lick of cannoli 3
**fish fillet 2
cauliflower 0
apple 0
yogurt 3
Total: 31
Over: 2
Bonus Left: 24

Not too bad going into Sunday with 24 points :)  Going out to bfast tomorrow morning and have a party tomorrow afternoon, so you can almost guarantee they will be goooooooooooone! haha

**Gorton's lemon pepper grilled fish fillet is my new fave...only 2 points!!


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