So Saturday we went for a walk (probably about 1.5 miles) and last night I did 2 miles on the treadmill....so I'm trying.... BUT I can't get myself together on the starvtion end of things... I honestly didnt' really write my food down yesterday or today yet.. I'm ready for this week to end and a new one to begin.....My little lovebug has been sick and up at night so I'm a tired Mommy and sometimes snacks are the only thing that can make you feel better :)   hahahhahah

Anyway can't wait to weigh!!

Here's what I ate..... I am too tired to do points! hahah

egg whites cheese
1/4 leftover parm from dinner night before (pasta/chicken)
way too many grasshopper cookies (if you like thin mints these are a MUST)
ham/cheese on an arnolds
potato soup
chic broc rice
All such random stuff.....

Today so far I've had too many chips!!! I can't have snacks at work or I'll eat them ALLLLLL hahah... anyway at least i'm paying attention to what I'm eating... right??? hahhaha


Jami said…
you look fab - and are an awesome mommy btw - snacks are a must for girls in general :) xoxo

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