New Favorites!

Okay so I am really into Gorton's fish products at the moment.  So far I have had the lemon pepper grilled fish, tilapia and salmon.  The Salmon and lemom pepper fish were my fave.  The tilapia was okay but def. not my fave.  They are all 2 pts.each which is awesome with the new points system.  It's hard to find low point foods and they are delicious and great for dinner.  Also, their fish sticks are only 1 point each so that is great too!

My next favorite is Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar cheese.  It's 2 points for 2 ounces.  It is usually enough cheese to fill up 5 crackers so I've been using that cheese with Keebler toasted Sesame crackers (5 crackers are 2 points)  That has been my breakfast lately...

And lastly...everyday I have been going to McDonald's for a tea and a diet coke (yes I loooove the caffeine) but anyway today I decided to get a hash brown to go with it.... so I was looking up the new points plus for a hash brown and came across this site that shows all the new points for McDonalds..... I know not what you want to be eating but it is good to have it.  Also the website probably has some other good things on there as well I just haven't had time to navigate it yet! 


Jacquelyn said…
Cabot is my favorite too ;-) Thanks for the mention, our farm family owners appreciate your support!

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