Hmmm where did I leave off....

I think I'll just start fresh with yesterday being a new week... I ended up gaining 1.8 pounds so I'm doing great! hahah....anyway what can you's forcing me to do better this week.  The goal for this week is to continue to writing everything down but to add in exercise at least 3 days (I already did 2.5 miles on Tuesday) so I think I can bust out 2 more days AT LEAST!

My food yesterday was:
cheese crackers 4
Smart one 7
cookie 3
candy 2
pizza 10
fries 6
salad 5
Total: 38
Over: 9
Bonus left: 40

Nothing like starting the new week out going out to dinner with my bf and our kiddies LOL :)


Jami said…
You have a hot bf :)

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