Day 2

Okay, so I hemmed and hauled about sending out the link to my blog to all of my friends and family but I ended up doing it! I hope that everyone enjoys what I write/babble about :) The reason why I didnt' want to send this out is b/c it said my weight on it! Ewgh.. I know it's just a number...BUT...its funny how easy it is to get sooooo caught up on that one dumb little number..... it follows you around everywhere you go...I wonder when it starts.. when do you think girls start to worry about that number? One of my bestest friends daughter is 5 and she ALREADY asks what is fat, what is skinny.... and we think...oh no, what are we doing!! We try our hardest not to talk about weight and stuff in front of her, but did you ever have one of those days/weeks/months where it comsumes your conversations? LOL
Anyway have a great day.... and I cannot wait until the weekend! It's suppossed to be 1/2 nice, 1/2 rain... hmmmm....what to do....


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