So today has been insane due to the fact that it is conference time at school and for some reason parents think that conferences are 1 hour long instead of the 20 minutes that they signed up for.... I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I talk and talk and talk some more... But anyway I only had 3 conferences lasting the past 3 hours... I am a mess....haha... I do feel like it's nice for the parents as well as myself to come in and chat. I did get alot of dirt today and if you know me I love the dirt.... bet you wish that I would share.... but I'm sure there is some Hippa law out there that forbids me....but just know that it was juicy and had to do with two babies mommas , 5 kids......one Daddy...... LOL

Anyway weigh in went okay. Lost .6, as my friend told me today, this diet stuff is teaching me alot of patience...which is def. something that I need to work on.... So not only am I losing weight but I'm gaining some patience. So that is two great things that I am happy for today :)

Yest. Food (remind me next sunday not to eat almost 50% of my bonus points the night before weigh in!)

Egg whites with cheese 2
Chips 2
Goldfish 2
Yogurt 1
Pretzel nuggets 4
crackers pepp and cheese 5
homemade mac and cheese 10
chicken 4
salad 2
ice cream cake 5
Total 37
over 16
Bonus left 1


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