Beware: Texting and Dogs Don't Mix

Here's the scene.... It's Friday night, just finished dinner, all is calm, all is well.... I'm watching TV with the boyfriend and texting back and forth with my friends when all of the sudden my beast of a dog decided that she wanted to play and play and play and play.... she is only 7 months old so for all of you dog people out there.... quite possibly you can relate. Well anyway the boyfriend is playing with her for about 10 minutes while I'm on the couch texting away.... he finally says to me can you please get off the damn phone for a minute and play with this dog. OOPS....according to him, the phone is an extension of my right arm.....(unfortunately he is correct!)
SO....without saying anything, I try to happily sit on the floor and play with the dog... while placing my phone on silent and continuing to text away..... Well all of the sudden I put the phone over my face to read a text and the phone slips out of my hands and hits me right on the bridge of my nose.... leaving a tiny cut, a red bump, a headache and some tears....

So when I got myself together I threw the phone on the dining room table, took the dog for a walk and put myself to bed..... LOL


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