New at this... I've been reading so many other people's blogs and enjoying them that I thought I would attempt to write my own. I am mainly using this as a way of tracking my weight loss by writing down my daily points/food/ideas, etc. But you never know with me...I might just slip in a random story or two. As you get to know me, you will begin to realize that I LOVE to talk and more then that, I love to ask questions.... :) Well, here's to nothing..

This is my 3rd round of WW and about 4 millionth round of dieting... but for some reason this time it is actually working....I guess b/c I have for some miraculous reason been able to stick to it for longer then 5 minutes... I started my journey at 160 pounds and on my 7th week I am at 148 pounds...Pretty impressive I must say.... So to all of you people out there who don't think that you can do it.. believe me when I say YOU CAN!


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