Points Yesterday

Oops...forgot the whole point of this was to list my food/points...

Yesterday was a bad day, but so far the week has been great so that's okay!

Yogurt 1
Laughing cow 2 (had two of them)
Lean cuisine 5
pudding 1
cake 3
cheese/pepperoni 5
pizza 9
mini resee cup 2
animal crackers 3
icing 1
Total: 34
Over: 13
Bonus Left: 22


The Adam Five said…
I know etter than anyone that this day would not have been complete without the mini reese cup and the icing!! Love ya Kel and you are doing fantastic!
Lil's Big Momma said…
it's all my fault, my house is filled with junk... I am on preggowatchers.

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