Okay, so weekend number one was not so good...but that's okay I'm all out of bonus and then some "air" points as I like to call them...but I'm feeling okay about things. I made good choices when I was out, but I was still over my points... so not so bad, but definetely not so good either! I am going to have to try to stick to my daily points everyday....which means making it to dinner with at least 12 points left... That seems to be my hardest part of the day....
Here is my food from the weekend:
arnolds 1
lc 1
healthy choice 8
popcorn 3
beer 3
pasta salad 4
tacos 12
total: 32
Over: 10
Left: 25

egg whites 1
chicken chili 4
cheese dip 8
salad 3
salmon 4
filet 2
bernaise 8
creamed spinach 3
roll 3
cocktails 7
Total: 47
Over: 25
Bonus left: 0

arnolds 2
cheese 5
100 cal oreos 2
beer 6
chicken 3
roll 3
potatoes 1
crabcake 3
sausage 3
potatoes 2
doritoes 3
icing 3
ww ice cream 2
Total: 38
Over: 16
Bonus left: NONE I had none to start!


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