Hi there :)

I figured that I'd do a mid-week check in.... my week isn't going as bad as I thought but not that good either. It is my Birthday week, so that is my excuse. I have dinner out tonight, tomorrow night and Friday night.... Can't wait :)

I'll try to remember and post my food from the past few days... the weekend I totally slacked on writing things down... I need to stop having free for alls on weekends! I'm never going to get anywhere that way!

Arnolds 1
LC 1
yogurt 1
popcorn 1
Lean cuisine 5
Cake 6
M&Ms 5
Salad 2
arnolds 1
turk and cheese 4
cheese 4
crackers 2
beer 1
Total: 34
Bonus: None, I keep inhaling them all and then some on the weekends!

Skinny Latte starbucks 2
arnolds 1
Laughing cow 1
lean cuisine 5
popcorn 1
snack crap 5
shrimp 4
noodles 6
brushetta on a baguette 6
Total: 31
Over: 9


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