Okay so as I've been shifting weight and changing sizes up and down and round and round...I think that I have discovered how they figure out women's sizes in pants....

170's - size 12
160's - size 10
150's - size 8
140's - size 6
130's - size 4
120's - size 2
110's - size 0

I also have figured out how can you can be in between sizes.... if you are over the halfway mark in one of the will notice you're pants will become a bit snug... LOL you might need to move up a size to be cozy again...however that size will probably be a little big...
for example right now I am 147 and my 6's are not really cutting it the way that they used to, I probably should buy some 8's! But instead I will wear my one pair of 6's that fit and just keep on trucking...hahahha


hmdavish said…
The smartest girl I know :)
Kelly said…
hahah... aren't I though....

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