Day 1....not so good...LOL Day 1 was a bust. Not a total bust, it started off just fine.....BUT dinner killed me. I am really having a hard time with the portion control part of this... Not to be discouraged though, I will get it together!

Yesterday's food (thank god for bonus points!)
Arnolds 1
LC 1
Yogurt 1
Fiber Select Veggie Crackers 2
Smartone 4
arnolds 1
LC 1
Meatballs 9
Pasta 4
Salad 2
Ice cream 2
M&Ms 3
Bread 3
Total: 34
Over: 12
Bonus Left: 23 (yikes!)

Water: 88 ounces....I did drink all of my water for the day so that was a positive!

Anyway, here's to day 2!


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