Back to school....back in action it's been a long, fun, exciting summer filled with a new baby, snacks, the beach, snacks, visits with friends, snacks and not to mention some cocktails here and there :) So anyway I am now back in school and the summer is over :( BUT this means 3 months until my WEDDING!! :)crazy!
I just gave birth to my daughter, Brielle, on June 3rd and at that time I was weighing in at 199!! (Okay sometimes the scale said 200 but at my last dr. visit I was 199 so that's what I'm sticking to!) But anyway 3 months later I am down to 167.2 which is where I am going to start my 2nd round of WW to lose the last 25 that I want to in time for my wedding day :)
I have also added the P90 workout routine into my diet/schedule. I am in week 5 of the program and have def. lost inches and toned up in the process. It's a great program and I def. recommend it to anyone and everyone. The only downside to it is that it's time consuming for sure...BUT well worth it. I try to look at the hour to hour and a half a day as "me time" and try to enjoy it the best that I can..

But anyway I will be posting and checking in as frequently as I can....hopefully everyday to post my food from the day before and any tips or new things that I have found....

So if you're in a diet slump (like I was until this morning) then maybe you can re-motivate with me and get back into the WW groove :)


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