My weekend :)

I had a fun filled weekend including lots of snacks and cocktails!! I tried to stick to my points BUT I did have a couple "air points" oops!! I weigh in tomorrow morning so we will see how my air points effected me!
Saturday's goal was to start the day with egg whites and then move onto a 2 pt soup for lunch however that didn't quite work the way that I planned :)
egg whites w/ cheese 2
meatballs and pasta 10
beer 4
snacks at Jami's 10
Total: 26
Over: 2
Bonus left: 4

Activity; P90 legs and back video

sausage, egg white and cheese wrap 5
buff dip (made with just light cream cheese, light ranch, chick and hot sauce) 12
celery 0
crab cake 3
1/2 cup brown rice 2
pasta salad 3
hummus 1
crackers 1
WW ice cream 2
Total: 29
Over: 5
Bonus left: 0
Air point 1

Activity: P90 video Kenpo


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