Happy Birthday Weekend to Me....

...and my gift to myself was air points! hahah... didn't mean too, but it's too hard when a piece of cake is 9 points a slice! I cut it down to about 6 pts a slice by ONLY eating the good parts (alllllllllll of the icing) :)

Anyway here's the weekend:
Egg white cheese wrap: 3
donut 6
Hoagie 15
cake 6
cookie 3
Total: 33
Over: 9
Bonus Left: 19

Happy Birthday Day:
Take note of the ridiculousness of the whoooole day LOL

cake 5
cookies 9
baked chips 2
turkey pep 2
arnolds 1
cheese 4
Snacks (spinach dip, taco dip, crab dip) 10
Cocktails: 10
icing 4
Total: 47
Over: 28
Bonus Left: ziiiippppooo
Air points used: 4

And unfortunately today started with cake for breakfast too..... and heading to the parent's house for dinner tonight...with some more cake! I think I'm actually getting sick of cake, is that possible.... :)

Oh well, we shall see what the scale says on Tuesday, should be interesting!


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