New Week

Okay, so I lost 1.2 pounds this week... Which is good, def better then gaining, but I was hoping for at least 2, but what can you do. My goal for this week is to NOT weigh myself 800 times during the week, but only to weigh in once on weigh in day. I think this is why I was disappointed, at diff times of weighing in this week, I weighed less then this morning (however I weighed more at diff times too) but I guess in staying true to the program, I should only weigh on weigh in day :) So here's to a new scale-less week!

egg white cheese wrap 3
yogurt 1
LC 1
crackers 2
smart one 5
dip 1
broccoli with dressing 1
salad 3
pasta 5
WW ice cream 2
Total: 24
Over: 0


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