Loooow point breakfast ideas

My cousin just asked me about some low point breakfasts and I sent her an email giving her some ideas that I had. Then I thought it would be a good idea to just post, so here is my email to her :)

K here are my thoughts... on the weekend (or when I have time in the morning) I usually make myself egg whites and cheese using any kind of light shredded cheese that I want (usually cheddar). I never measure out the egg whites, I just buy the container of All Whites and pour as much into the pan as I want and call it 1 pt. (I spray the pan first with some Pam) I think 1/2 cup of the egg whites is 1 pt and then I add a 1/2 of the 1/4 cup with some cheese for flavor. That is 2 pts. I always think that if you over eat on egg whites or under count them that is NOT going to make or break your diet! LOL

Or I do a fiber english muffin with spray butter for 1 pt

or an arnolds sandwich thin with laughing cow for 2 pts....

so you can always mix and match the 1 pt muffins, Arnolds sandwich thins, or bagel thins with either spray butter for 0 pts or a wedge of laughing cow cheese for 1 pt. The garlic one is really good....

Another thing that's so good are the veggie fiber select crackers, you can have 15 for 2 pts and a wedge of laughing cow for 1 pt...that is 3 pts but it's good

you could also do a muffin with spray butter for 1 pt and a activia light yogurt for 1 pt for a 2 pt bfast...

My personal favorite at the moment is the egg white and cheese wrap at Dunkin Donuts... it's 3 points and delish! (and super quick) :)



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