Chicken and Broccolli Ring 1/8th ring 7 points

My friend found this awesome recipe and she made it and it looked so delish that I decided to make it too! I wanted to share it with all of you. She used light mayo, light cheese, reduced fat crescent rolls and skipped the almonds to cut down on calories and points. It turns out to make 16 pieces and 2 pieces is worth 7 points. Not bad at all!

I also added onions to the recipe as well. I sauteed the chicken, peppers, garlic and onion(due to a good suggestion from my friend) beforehand then chopped it all up. It added lots of flavor! It was satisfying and filling and def. delish! I skipped the almonds as well.

Here is the link!

Enjoy!! You can use crescent rolls to make alot of different dishes. You could make a taco ring with taco meat and cheese, or a cheesesteak ring using chipped steak and cheese or a chicken cheesesteak ring using ground chicken and cheese (even add some hot sauce to spice it up!) Anyway, the crescent are delicious and make for a good looking, fun dish!


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