Taco Ring...can't get enough... 1/8 = 7 points

Tonight's dish was a taco ring using the crescent rolls.... It's the new move (well actually it's a new/old move) ...so easy and delish!

I used 90/10 lean ground meat and drained it and rinsed it under hot water to remove the remaining grease and fat. I also used Sargento reduced 4 cheese mexican cheese.
I topped with some fat free sour cream and a little bit of salsa! Yum!


hmdavish said…
I just love the rings-thinking would be good Stromboli like with lunchmeat too!!
Kelly said…
I agree!! Or a buff chix cheesteak one?? or pepp, cheese and sauce?? what else can we stuff in it??? so easy and delicious!

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