Off the beaten path.... for the past 3 weeks or so I have NOT been doing a good job counting, weighing and watching my points and food intake nor have I been exercising! I am starting to feel the results of that.... So the only thing that I can do about it is...start over :) I am going to start fresh today and try to count and behave like I was in the past :) I am also going to encorporate some sort of daily exercise into my life, even if it's just walking the dog! I would still like to lose about 10 more pounds and then I will be done :) However, at the rate that I am eating...I will never lose those last 10!
I'm going to go back to week one of my blog and re-read to see how I did when I was doing so well!
So here's to a new start :)

Yesterday's Food
arnolds 1
laughing cow 1
arnolds, laughing cow and cucumber sandwich 2
popcorn 1
salad 2
munchkin 1
cheez-its 4
cheetos 4
m&m's 5
crab cake 3.5
noodles 4
salad 2
skinny cow ice cream 2
crackers 2
light port wine cheese 2
Total: 36.5
Over: 16.5
Bonus left: had 0 to start!! So I'm at about negative 100 LOL


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