The weekend....

Gained .1
Weigh: 138.8

1/2 bagel 3
veggie cream cheese 3
potatoes 3
eng muff 1
laughing cow 1
arnolds 1
turk 2
cheese 2
cocktails 10
Total: 26
Over: 6
Bonus left: 29

All day pretty much ate veggies and fat free breakstones sour cream with ranch packet and wheat thin fiber crackers with turkey pepperoni and light sharp cheddar cheeese and some hummus! YUMMMM
So I'd say 12 points for all of that
Dinner (went out to the Sea Grille in Avalon- Delish!)
salad 3
salmon 6
creamed spinach 6
cocktails 18 (they kill me!)
couple bites of chocolate peanut butter pie!! 10 (??)
Total: 55 (OMG OOC)
Over: 35
Bonus Left: None

Scrapple egg whites cheese on a bagel 15
veggies, dip, cheese, crackers,pepp 6
roast beef 8
mayo 3
roll 2
mashed potatoes 4
cake 5
ice cream 2
Total: 45
Over: 25
Bonus left: NONE! I've noticed that recently I've been doing pretty good during the week, but def. going nuts on the weekend. No where near where I used to be at though, so I'm happy with that. I am maintaining for now! I do need to get back to walking/running again though.... That is for sure :)
Have a great week!!
The funny/cute pic of my dog up top was last night my stepdad put his glasses on her! LOL wanted to share!


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