Chunky Checking In... it's been a few days since I've said here I am :) I've been so busy with wrapping up the end of the school year that I haven't been able to check I'm back... I haven't been doing a good job with writing down my food at all either! I feel like a hypocrite b/c I'm trying to help my Mom get into WW and my bf get back into it, but I've been a slacker! It's funny, once I hit the 140 mark I kind of let myself go a little bit. I def. eat better then I ever did though so I am content with that for the moment. It's funny to me when I crave yogurt... that just seems weird to me but I am happy with it...if that makes sense!
I am going to try to get to 135 during the summer and also focus on exercising at least 3 times a week. I think that seems like reasonable goals. It's tough to eat healthy when I'm down the shore or even at home during the day. I give many props to stay at home Mom's...b/c there is no way I could turn down chicken nuggets, fries, fruit snacks, donuts, goldfish, grilled cheese, pizza, lucky charms, ice cream and cheez-its on a daily basis! I would last about an hour if that! But anyway, I haven't been posting my daily food but I don't feel that I need to be so strict with it anymore. I have learned to read portion sizes and count calories, fat and fiber in things. I have also learned how to pick a healthy snack liked baked chips over doritoes and I am able to actually enjoy the baked chips. Never thought I would be able to choose anything over Doritoes...EVER! But I can now :) It's pretty empowering. So I am definetely proud of myself.
I have been feeling like a chunky monkey this week and especially as I type this b/c I just got finished housing a soft serve vanilla ice cream...every last lick of it! But tomorrow is a new day and my day over all wasn't too bad... so anyway here's to a great summer!

Chunky Monkey's Wednesday grub:
Donut DD 4
Kraft mac and cheese no butter 1 cup 5
cheez it's 1
Homemade pizza 12 (so good Pillsbury pizza thin crust pizza crust, ragu pizza sauce, reduced fat italian 4 cheese mix and turkey pepperoni 5 points for 1/8 pizza I def. ate tooo much but it was soooo good ! LOL)
salad 3
pizza goldfish 1
ice cream 8
Total: 34
Over: 14
Bonus left: NONE....I never seem to have any of these anymore!


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