WW Works...

3 Fantastic WW accomplishments/stories:

1.) I just wanted to give a BIG shout out to my girlfriend who just started the WW plan last week and lost 5.2 pounds in her first week!! Way to go!! It's really so rewarding and motivating to see results so fast....I'm so proud of her!

2.) Another girlfriend of mine was under the 140 mark today!!! WOO HOO!! Great Job!!

3.) My Mom is starting today too and she began by measuring her cream for her coffee and already realized she was using more then a serving size :) I'm so proud of her for measuring!

Great Job to all of my girls for all of their hard work!!!

Yesterday's Food:
1/2 bagel 3.5
Cream cheese 2
Egg Casserole 2
Hash brown 3
Salad w/chicken 3
Lemon/Blueberry pound cake mini bite 3
Shrimp pasta 5
Salad 2
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sand 2
Total: 25
Over: 5
Bonus left: no clue, probably none! LOL


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