Okay..Round 59539529

Well, obviously my fresh start over the weekend didn't go so well. I am still in a funk...trying to shake it! Each day goes up and down and up and down... Ugh... I just wish that I could jump into the future to see where it will lead me and know that everything is going to be allright.... BUT that's not how things work, so here I am trucking along day by day reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and I will be okay :)

With that being said...whenever you are in a funk, you turn to your Best Friends to pull you through...well my best friend just happens to be about 11 months preggo...she was due on Friday! Poor thing.... but needless to say we had a preggo style eating filled weekend! From hoagies and chips all the way to a reese's peanut butter cup blizzard! YUM to the UM!! I did happen to get two five mile run/walks in and a couple salads as well but most of my food choices weren't the best....I mean they tasted the best but weren't the best for me :)

So anyway... I'm going to try Round 59539529 today!
Started the morning off with tea and a 100 calorie English muffin with spray butter, lunch is a lean cuisine...and then dinner is back with the preggy again...who knows what she has in store for us! hahahah


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