Black Bean Brownies

My friend made the brownies with the can of black beans that I found on Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes and they are soooooooooo good! I attached a picture with a bite taken out, I had to taste to be able to tell you what I thought :) They are a pretty good size for only 2 points and really rich and creamy. Great work!

Thursday's Food:
Egg Whites cheese 2
arnolds 1
shrimp 3
yogurt 1
sweet tarts 2
cheese 2
crackers 4
torts 3.5
smartone 4
pudding 1
Total: 23.5
Over: 2.5
Bonus Left: 23.5
Water: 88 ounces
Activity: Ran 3.7 walked 1.3 (Can't believe I was able to run from 3.7 to the end!)

Happy Friday!


Lil's Big Momma said…
Why do you always write smartone as one word? Is it written that way on the box?
Kelly said…
LOL no clue... I'll have to might be SmartOne....... hahaha

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