K...Fresh start...

Okay...heres' to a fresh start this week... I didn't do a good job with writing down my food from last week and I was trying to remember everything but it didn't work...So instead of being annoyed, I'm starting over from yesterday and will keep on posting :) If you are new to my blog, please don't go off what I have been eating this week.... go back to posting #1 and start from there :)

Friday's Food
Week 15
Broccoli casserole 4
1/2 wheat bagel 3
Cream Cheese 3
Triscuits 3
Laughing Cow 1
pizza 3
Grilled Chix lettuce tomato cheese 5
Chips 4
Total: 26
Over: 4
Bonus Left: 31
Activity: Ran 2 miles Walked 3


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