Good Luck Lex!

My friend is running the Broad Street run today... just wanted to send her some good luck wishes! I'm sure you'll do great.... Best part of the whole thing is that her and her Mom are going for massages afterwards! Good for you! Try to stay dry on this crazy day... it's better than it being 90 out, right??!!

Saturday's food
egg whites cheese 2
arnolds 1
arnolds 2
lunchmeat 6
chips 5
stuffed shells 3.5
salad 2
WW ice cream 2
pudding 1
icing 1
Total: 25.5
Over: 4.5
Bonus Left: 8


Lil's Big Momma said…
Alexis said…
I just saw this now!! Thanks so much for the support!! I just knew you gals were cheering me on!!!

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