I'm In Love xoxoxox

My new little goddaughter was born yesterday at 12:58 pm, Viviene Lyn. She is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world! I am in love and I want to eat her up! Great Job Jami!!

Yesterday's food:
eng muff spray butter 1
salad 2
popcorn 1
hot dog 4
roll 2
noodles 5
chips 4
salad 1
Total: 20
Activity: Ran 2 miles/walked 3 miles


barberw said…
She is so damn cute!!! I understand the funk you're in. It makes two of us! Ugh! It's never easy to deal with the twist and turns that life throws at you! I am so proud of you and the job you have/are doing with WW. You are looking great!!

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