Weekend Schmeekend....

Okay so I officially quit trying to do WW on the weekends.... well not officially quit, but it is tough! I am not doing that great at it!! I have no clue how to get myself together either! LOL Especially on loooong weekends.... I def. noticed that I do make some better choices automatically along with not eating sooooo much of one thing, so that is something different for me!

I went out Friday night for a little bit for my friend Kristen's birthday.... It was fun! She sent this pic her and I and I thought the it was cute, so I decided to post it! It's funny to see myself looking skinnier. I do not feel that I look any different, but then I see pics and I am pleasantly surprised. It's weird!

Hope that everyone had a great weekend and I hope that this week of rain flies by! Only 15 days left of work for me and I can't wait... I am def. looking forward to spending alot of time hanging with my girlfriends and going to the beach! I'm TRYING my best to get out of my funk, get out of my debt, eat better, run, walk, crunch, do dips, push-ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, walk the dog etc, etc, etc.....

I will try to remember my food for the weekend.... I'm sure I missed a few peanut M&M's here and there :)

Vanilla frosted donut 4.5
turkey burger no roll from TGIF's 9
fries 6
cocktails 14
Total: 33.5
Over: 13.5
Bonus Left: 21.5

Lean Scrapple 4
Egg whites cheese 1
Muffin 1
arnold 1
baked chips 3
dip 2
turkey 2
cheese 2
fajita salad at Iron Hill 9
nachos 5
Dessert Party (I have no clue how many points probably like 15)
Total: 45
Over: 25
bonus left: NONE LOL

lean scrapple 4
egg whites cheese 2
muffin 1
arnolds 1
turkey 2
cheese 2
chips 3
dip 3
cocktails 10
Total: 28
Over: 8
Bonus Left: NONE

muffin 1
turkey 2
cheese 2
baked cheetos 6
chix casserole 5
tostitoes 4
cheese dip 4
dietz and watson light hot dog 1
hot dog roll 2
noodles 4
skinny cow ice cream sandwich 2
m & m's 4
Total: 37
Over: 17
Bonus Left: NONE

Well anyway, on to a new week! Happy Eating :)


The Adam Five said…
Hey Kel, you look fantastic! Come spend a weekend here, you can walk, run, swim, dip, crunch and maybe even meet a man or two!
Kelly said…
LOL love it!!

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