So I went to Old Navy today and bought myself size 6 jeans and 2 pairs of size 6 capris......... Never in my life have I worn a size 6...not in grade school, high school, college, after college, in my O's, 10's, teens, 20's or now in my 30's UNTIL............ TODAY!! Woo Hoo :)


Supermodelquin said…
As you may have heard, Old Navy’s offering up a fresh serving of coupons every Thursday/Friday on its all-new online circular website, The coupons are hidden throughout the site, so the level of savings depends on how good of a hunter you are. They’re stashed in great hiding places, so put on your most stylish hunting gear and look hard!

It’s a new week at and there’s a new hiding spot for those fabulous $75 off $100 coupons. But that’s not all that’s new! We’ve noticed how quickly the $75 and $100 coupons go and we’d like to give more of you the chance to snoop out these super savings. So this week, we’ll be releasing the coupons multiple times instead of all at once. Make sure to keep checking back—it’s gonna be a fun week!

Good luck and happy hunting!

Nicole D.

Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

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