So I wore my jeans last night for a couple hours and when I was wearing them I wasn't super happy with them. The one seam on my right leg was goofy and they were starting to stretch out and I wasn't in love with the color. They just didn't feel as rewarding as they should of if that makes any sense.... they kind of just seemed like another old pair of normal jeans... so when I got home, I decided that today I would take them back and start over looking for a new pair.... So with that being said, I went back to Old Navy this morning and returned the jeans, then headed back to the jean section and grabbed a million different pairs in 6's and ready for pair in 4! My friend told me the other day that someone told her that since jeans always seem to stretch try them in a smaller size. So I figured what the hell, I'll try them... Well I went into the dressing room with my 4 million pairs of jeans and began to try them on. I got to the 3rd pair and it was the 4's, so I figured here goes nothing....assumed they would stop at my thigh and that would be that... BUT that didn't happen, they came all the way up and buttoned just fine... WHAT THE HECK is going on??? So I asked one of the girls working in the fitting room if she could grab me a pair of the ones that I really liked in a 4, she brought them back and I put them on. They were def a bit snug in the thigh area, but fit everywhere else. I kind of just stood in the dressing room thinking are they too tight, am I being silly, are they labeled wrong, I needed someone else's opinion... so I opened the fitting room door, took a deep breathe and asked the girl and guy working there what they thought... they told me they looked great and the best part was when a girl came walking up from behind and said, they fit you perfect, I wish jeans fit me that nice... That was def. when I realized all of this hard work is soooooooooo worth it :) Now if I could just get my brain to think that I looked that nice in the jeans!

Hmmm... I wonder if I can fit in 4's what the heck size do the skinny girls wear????? negative 4's ??? Anyway, that was the weirdest experience ever.... Very surreal and super exciting to me and I just wanted to share.....
I never knew that losing 15-20 pounds can make such a difference, I have no clue why I waited 31 years to find out.... 3 months for 31 years... WOW! Have a great Saturday!!


hmdavish said…
Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!

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