Bad Luck....

So this week, I went to the Phillies game on Saturday and they lost.... then I went to the Flyers game on Tuesday night and they lost and then I went to the Phillies again today and they lost again...What's up with that crap.... Boo to them....or maybe boo to me...I prefer boo to them, it could never be my fault :)

Which brings me to another funny thought.... Did you ever think about the superstitious things that people do and believe that it helps teams win games. Perhaps it's the shirt that you wore or the place where you watched the game, maybe the spot on the couch that you sat, or if you took a shower that day, what you ate, who you went to the game with, who you watched the game with, what cup you drank out of during the game, what color your hat is, if someone called you that day, if another team won or lost that day, where you order your food from for the game, what color underwear you have on, if you know someone who "has bad luck" is going to the game, the weather, the position of the sun, the time of the day, etc, etc, etc ....the list could go on and on and on.... So in reality all of our own superstitions should be cancelled out by everyone else's and I think it all really comes down to how the team plays! But it is fun to think that you can do something that can contribute to their keeps it interesting.....

Yesterday's food:
yogurt 1
toast 3
pudding 1
salad 5
chips 6
salmon 4
rice 2
Laughing cow stuffed mushrooms (YUM!) 2
veggies 0
WW Ice Cream 2
Total: 26
Over: 5
Bonus Left: 28
Water: 88 ounces


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